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The East Gulf Coastal Plain Joint Venture (EGCP JV) is a voluntary public - private partnership that seeks to strategically advance the conservation of birds and bird habitats in the East Gulf Coastal Plain. The EGCP JV boundary corresponds to the portion of the Southeastern Coastal Plain Bird Conservation Region 27 lying west of the Georgia-Alabama state line, and including the Florida panhandle, much of central Alabama and Mississippi, portions of west Tennessee and Kentucky, and eastern Louisiana.

Under the EGCP JV umbrella, federal, state and private conservation organizations are united in their commitment to support the goals and vision of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative, as well as the conservation objectives of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan, the Partners In Flight North American Landbird Conservation Plan, the U.S. Shorebird Conservation Plan  , the Waterbird Conservation for the Americas plan, and the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative. In supporting these conservation initiatives, the EGCP JV will align and adapt its priorities and objectives in response to salient regional opportunities and threats in the East Gulf Coastal Plain, as well as to the specific needs of its partner organizations and the broader regional conservation community.


Top Banner: Late summer native warm season grass by Scott Somershoe, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency
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